Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around the oil cleaning method. Where lot of people are ditching store bought cleansers and just using oils to clean their face.

You may be thinking, “oil on face? Why? No way! That is a disaster and breeding ground for bacteria and acne”

And you’d be absolutely right to some extent and I had a same reaction. Wait till you read an entire post.

After using the oil cleansing method for a few weeks, I decided that I absolutely loved it, and officially threw away my makeup remover(even my eye makeup remover)!

I love to give new things a try and thought why not. I have an oily skin and I do not wear much makeup apart from eyeliner and some BB cream on day to day basis. After using the oil cleansing method for a few weeks, I decided that I absolutely loved it, but with a slight twist. I still wanted to use a mild face wash.

Well, you will figure as we become friends that “I make my own rules and like to adapt to new things by customizing it to fit my lifestyle.

So back to oil cleansing method. I like to treat this as a makeup remover and gunk remover instead of this replacing my cleanser altogether.

You will be amazed to see what oil cleansing method can do for your skin.

Let’s look at the things it did for me:

I no longer need heavy makeup removers, cleansers or toner on my face. As you can see its replaced lot of must have products for me.

I have switched to a very basic cleanser.

Sounds exciting? Follow my steps:

  1. Start with mixing – Extra virgin olive oil and any other oil of your liking – coconut, almond, green tea oil. Whatever you prefer. I highly recommend this EVOO and this Coconut Oil
  2. Wet your face with water and pour a quarter-sized amount of oil mixture into your palm.
  3. Now massage your face in circular motion, massage firmly but not too hard. Continue massaging for 30- 40 seconds. Get all that makeup and gunk out. This is especially great for eye makeup. You are not using any harsh chemicals around your eyes and causing wrinkles.
  4. Now, use a very mild cleanser and do a quick wash. Remember your makeup is removed and you don’t need to wash too long. Just a quick clean to remove oil from your face. Now gently wipe your face clean.
  5. Take few drops of the oil again and use it as a moisturizer for your face.

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Voila you are looking at a glowing ready to hit the bed face. You will wake up with very well hydrated face and yes, oily skin needs as much hydration as someone with the dry skin  Keep your skin clean and well hydrated and you have a problem free glowing complexion.



ps – I am no dermatologist and simply recommend tips and products based on my experience.

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    1. Yeah it is awesome! I love it…have a bottle by my sink :). very natural!

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