Have you ever wondered why some kind of shorts look more flattering on you then the other? Answer is plain and simple – it’s all down to body shape. Surprisingly, many of us don’t consider our body shape when looking for shorts.

Some women either love shorts or hate them. They come in variety of styles, fabric, pattern, colors and print. It’s always one of the most popular must have in our closet.

Boyish/Slender Figure

You have less curvy figure that is why you need shorts that add more curve to your lower half. Balloon or bubble shorts are your best friends. Also shorts with pleats and pockets add more volume giving you more hourglass look. Prints, textures, tucked in shirts and bright belts also give you the same effects.

Hourglass figure

Lucky you! You have a body of bombshell Salma Hayek & Kim Kardashian. You ladies are most blessed and can very much carry anything you set your eyes on. However, your body type rocks darker colors that are belted and hits the smallest point on your thighs and are slightly loose around the thighs. This makes your waist look tiny and gives the slimming effect.


You have wider hips and fuller thighs. Stay away from shorts with too much detailing like rips, pleats, ribbons and side pockets. A line cut is most flattering for your body type. This is especially great because it gradually widens towards the hem line. Stay away from shorts that are too short or fitted.

Apple Body Type

You have a smaller lower body in comparison to your upper body. You will look the best in wide waistbands and well fitted shorts. Go for the high waist shorts instead of a low cut as this will create a “muffin top” effect and make you look bulkier. Also consider pairing your shorts with a tunic.


If you have short legs then look for shorts that end at the middle of your thighs. Any longer than that will make your legs look shorter. Go for sleeker cuts and stay away from bulky shorts.

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Hope you find this article interesting and keep these points in mind when buying your shorts next time :)



16 thoughts on “Buy Shorts for Your Body Type – Summer Style Tips

  1. Great post! Would have loved more example photos

  2. It is so hard to buy shorts that look good…thanks for this post. It helps tremendously to know your body shape before shopping!

  3. This is great to know! I always wondered why certain shorts look awkward on me. I am petite and look horrible in anything short.

    1. Dressing for body type makes a huge difference Jessica! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. This is a great post. Because we all have different body type and is hard to get find cloths especially pants that will flatter each persons shape.

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