Summer is around the corner and who is not excited? I absolutely love summer!  I always have.

If you meet me in person – first thing you will notice is that I wear summer tops year round, yes even when it is 40 Degree Fahrenheit outside. I layer up with open front sweaters and jackets so I can quickly get out into my sleeveless or short sleeves as soon as I am indoors. I was born and brought up in Bombay, India where it is hot year round. I didn’t own a single full sleeved blouse, sweater or a jacket growing up. So it’s hard for me to wear full sleeves indoors. I have gotten quite used to it in last 10 years but habits die hard!

See you learned something new about me today :)

Anyways, back on topic – summer is finally here and this is a time to have some fun! This is my favorite time of the year and we barely get 2 months of sunshine in Seattle, WA. Even during these 2 months weather is not 100% reliable.

Like every year, I plan to have too much fun and have decided to keep this blog very summer focused.

So expect to see lot of summer tips, must have products, cooling summer recipes & outing and trips details – stay tuned for a big fat Indian wedding in Toronto this August!! Lot of fun filled post and pictures from the 4 day long event!! So excited :)

So this is an official start of “Summer Series” at Denims and Dresses!

Checkout some of our already posted summer posts here & here. Thanks!



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