Myth buster – Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy Martinis…so is it wrong to say that money can buy happiness? : P

Chocolate is a delicious cure for a bad day. 9 out of 10 people like chocolate, the 10th person always lies :)  …so quit lying and give this lip smacking martini a try right NOW!

Chocolate martinis are delicious and chocolaty. They are perfect year round but I especially love them during summer. We all need our dose of caffeine but who wants to be sipping on hot coco or coffee in summer ….not me.

397073_3040231727898_98922373_n I tried this drink on my Bday in Cancun & have always wanted to make one myself.

They also make a good after meal drink for a romantic date night and are also hugely popular with kids! So replace your after meal coffee to chocolate martini!

This recipe in non-alcoholic but you can add chocolate liqueur or some other alcohol to add some buzz if you like.


When the going gets tough, eat 3.5 oz. dark chocolate.

You scream, I scream 5 scoops of vanilla Ice-cream.

Don’t cry over spilled milk. Get another full cup of milk.

Life is too short to not try 4tbs of chocolate malted milk.

Let’s get started!

Take 1 cup of milk and 3.5 oz of dark chocolate and melt them together in a saucepan. When melted, remove from heat and set aside to cool down a little.

Now, blend 5 scoops of ice-cream, 4tbls of malted milk and the melted chocolate mixture you have set aside.

Garnishing – Optional

Take two dry martini glasses( Fun & Affordable Martini Set under $10) and pour some chocolate syrup inside the glass. Now, pour the mixture in two martini glasses and garnish with some chocolate shavings (optional)

13 thoughts on “Non-alcoholic Chocolate Martini – Summer Series

    1. Shelby, all your chocolate lovers are going to be drooling over it! pack up enough!

    1. Jasmine! You can slip in some alcohol too! it will still taste yummy! Have fun trying!

  1. This is amazing! I don’t drink so sometimes it can be hard to find good summer ‘fancy drinks’! Thanks for sharing!

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