Summers have just begun for us here in Seattle but its soaring hot already. Many of us are already sporting a tan thanks to the time spent under the sun vacationing or simply outdoors during the peak sun hours.

Everyone seems to be complaining about the rough and tanned skin among my friends. Just had a friend “G”(keeping the name private) return back from an amazing vacation by the beach and complain that her skin is become really rough and unhappy due to all the time she spent having fun under the sun.

She needed a recommendation of an esthetician so she could get a nice facial done. I could not offer a recommendation as I have not used one in many years. However, I have few at home DIY recipes that can help greatly and I love using them from time to time.

Though nothing meets a nice facial massage, masks are great for skin too.

Dear ”G” – Hope you give them a try in between your facials! :)

Natural citrus fruits and vegetables like oranges, lemon, and tomatoes work wonders in reducing the tanning effects without any side effects.

My mom was a great believer in using natural resources from her kitchen and insisted we use the same growing up! She always whipped out amazing masks from her kitchen in a heartbeat. Thanks mom!

Here are two simple homemade face packs for tanned skin that works wonders:

Gram flour (Besan) & Turmeric Mask – Can buy it here

This is an amazing mask and does wonders for one’s skin. I have gotten so many people hooked to this recipe. Do give it a try.

Mask – Mix 1 big tablespoon Gram flour (Buy Besan/Gram Flour here), pinch of turmeric( can buy here at Amazon), 1 small teaspoon of plain yogurt and few drops of lemon. You need a paste consistency.

Directions – Apply the paste on your face and neck; let it dry on your face completely before you wash it off completely. Follow it up with your favorite moisturizer.

Voila you will have a glowing complexion.


Yogurt & Tomato Mask

This is a great mask for all skin types and helps brightens ones complexion and remove sun tan.

Mask – Just need a 1 tablespoon of yogurt in a small bowl and a big cube of tomato.

Directions – Dip a large cube of tomato in the yogurt and rub it on your face few times in the circular motion. After couple minute of rubbing, just let the mask dry on your face for few minutes. Rinse with cold water once dried and pat dry. Follow it up with your favorite moisturizer.

Voila this is not only a great tan remover but also a great natural scrub. This mask will help rejuvenate your skin and remove the sun tan.

6891104550_e30e82f4d4_z Plain-Yogurt-Face-Mask

Lazy People Mask :)

I believe in effortless beauty. One doesn’t need much to feel beautiful. Here is a recipe for lazy people like me that sometimes just need something on the go!

Need a quick 3 minute mask? You ready…..

Mask – Yogurt….yup…simple yogurt alone can do wonders for your skin.

Directions – Just apply some yogurt on your face and let it dry off completely. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

This is my go to in the mornings on the days when I feel my skin needs an extra splash of energy. It works like a coffee for my face in the mornings. Your face will feel so clean and refreshed instantly.


This mask is so simple and easy that anyone can find time for it. Who doesn’t have 3 minutes on hand? We all do!



10 thoughts on “3 Simple DIY Homemade Masks to Remove Sun Tan – Summer Series

    1. Thanks Trisha! Yes I did change the look of my blog few days back. Thanks so much!!

  1. These are great recipes! Thanks for sharing! I, for one, love a good tan on my face (but my skin doesn’t tan like other people’s do…if anything…it burns).

    I have tried the yogurt mask and I can say you are 100% accurate! Totally works!!

    1. Samantha, I am so glad you love yogurt masks too :). Its my all time fav!

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