This is a true story and this family needs your help. Please donate (if possible) and share this post (please do – we need more eyes) so we can help!


In this day and age it is really hard to come across a young woman that sees her In-laws as her own parent.

When you see one – and she is asking for help for her very serious father-in-law…it makes you believe in humanity and relationships again and one wants to help!

I belong to a background (Indian) that not only takes lot of pride in family values but is also very much the basic building block of our traditions and values. An important aspect of Indian family life is the inter-dependence between members that is lifelong. We all depend on one another for everything.

In spite of such strong family values I see families falling apart every single day.

This old man(Story & Donation Page) must be a great man, father and a magnificent human being for his daughter In-law to say – “He loved me like his own child after my own mother died at 54”. This family is very much in need. All 3 of his sons abandoned their jobs and left their own children and families behind to care for their critically ill father and their terribly scared mother.

This is the ONLY post DenimsandDresses Is focusing on this week!

Little excerpt from the her Post

“5 months ago we were just like any other run of the mill family, working hard to raise our kids and take care of our parents. Early February, 2015 our lives changed and changed forever. On Valentine’s day, my husband left Seattle for India, leaving behind his 2 young boys 5 and 1 and has not returned after that emergency trip. I have been single parenting my young boys (with the help of a village)”.

Please check out the details here & donate + share!

Note – I do not know this family and I don’t need to. I just know I can help save someone’s life using this platform. This family needs our help!

I believe in two things.

  1. Purpose – We(D&D) do take fun in materialistic things like fashion & beauty BUT nothing is more important than writing for a cause!

We will be putting all our resources in sharing this story all week long! Nothing else goes live on DenimsandDresses for another few days. This is all we are talking!

  1. Karma – Nothing goes unnoticed in the eyes of the God. I want to take peace in knowing that there will be strangers coming in from all the directions spreading the word and supporting if I ever need a hand!


Even $10 help! Can’t afford to help? Share the story, so someone else can!! Link to donate – Donate here & read their full story

ps- you will notice that i have deleted few paragraphs that were mere my opinions and ramble so i can reduce the article length. Want to make sure ppl that want to just get to links dont miss them!




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