Looking fabulous and well put together is not limited to age or body weight in my fashion books. Every woman has a birth right to look and feel gorgeous and fabulous. However, I have come to a realization that even a basic piece of garment can make you look million bucks if selected and worn properly.

You will see one of the biggest transitions in your body and wardrobe, when you are going from your 20s to 30s. A good wardrobe is one that grows and matures with you so updating it frequently is key to looking good and feeling confident.

I find myself getting attracted to fabric quality, cuts and versatility then quantity as I get close to turning 30. I also hate going to malls and spending hours trying to buy some basic pieces for my wardrobe. Lately, I have been stocking my closet with essentials that can take me from my work desk to a dinner date or a girl’s night out in few minutes.

The other day I woke up in a minimalist mood and all I wanted was a black figure fitted dress. I didn’t want anything frivolous, just a straight forward black dress and there it was a beautiful dress peeping out of the nicely packed Emerald Cuff box in the corner of my walk in-closet!

Before we get digging further down in this box let’s see why finding a good black dress can be such a chore.

The black dress is probably the most iconic piece of clothing in fashion history and a must have for every girl. All you need is one nice figure fitted and slimming black dress that in not too short, not too much cleavage, fits your curves well, stretchy fabric to adjust your changing body and a high quality fabric that has a body of its own and doesn’t cling to your problem areas…phew… now that is quite a list but how hard can it be…Right? Very hard!

Talking of minimalist, elegant fashion and getting back on that pretty box in my closet – I am very excited to do this post for Emerald Cuff! They sent this beautiful dress to me for my feedback. I will let my picture below do the talking! ;D


I just got home after a long day at work, washed my face and just applied a nice Red lipstick and accessorized it with this beautiful necklace by Emerald Cuff. I was ready in 5 minutes for a romantic weekday date night! Who says we need a lot of time to look well put together. We just need a nice Black  Dress and Red lips 😉

What I am Wearing:

Black Dress Westmond Quilted Dress

Necklace  Bohemian Necklace

Emerald Cuff is a brand new, local, Seattle-based operation, and the brainchild of 3 moms who wanted to create something for busy women and moms. Unlike other clothing services, Emerald Cuff releases new collections every month. They just launched their August collection! Their Website

Simplicity & Elegance at its best

Pictures do not do justice to their products. I didn’t have a high hope for the quality of this dress and the necklace given the price point and just going by the pictures. Boy, was I wrong! This dress is super soft, high in quality and very elegant.

You know you are working with quality when dress doesn’t actually need you to dress up it dresses you up!

Stress Free Shopping

There hand-picked collections are released monthly and created to meet the demands of everyday life.

You can either buy there well put together collection ($75), create your own or buy an individual piece (dress was only $45) They keep limited items and all their products seems to be of a very high quality and individually crafted.

They are beautiful, versatile, easy to wear apparel and artisan jewelry – that make it simple to look fantastic, at affordable prices.

Men’s – Need a gift for your lady?

Their products come very elegantly wrapped and are sure to impress your girl. Also, you don’t need any special skills to shop for your lady love anymore. Select their handpicked collection and you have a complete outfit with an accessory and a surprise basic tee as a surprise gift for your lady love!


Isn’t that packaging classy?

If you’re interested in checking Emerald Cuff out, they’ve generously offered 15% off through August 10th with code ECSAVE15 at checkout. (This is not an affiliate link and I do not get paid for any sales).

Also, they just launched their amazing August collection and I am drooling at few of their pieces already!

Contemporary pocket dress (August Collection) and Hot Red & White Summer Dress

Have you tried any of Emerald Cuff collections so far or do you have a versatile all year round black dress that you absolutely love?





4 thoughts on “Most Versatile Black Dress with Hot Red Lips – Introducing Emerald Cuff

  1. You look beautiful. Such a great dress and necklace. The lips finish the look nicely. I’ll have to check out the website because I always need a good black dress.

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