Our Halloween started a week before with costume hunting task at hand. Choosing the costume is always a very difficult task.

I wanted something glamorous this year. It was no surprise to Ricky when I said that I want to be a Greek goddess as we just had an amazing vacation to Greece. One thing that we noticed is that Greeks and Romans know how to party, so what could have been a better Halloween costume then Greek Goddess.

The Greek goddess Athena is known as one of the most benevolent goddesses . . . she is goddess of wisdom, strong, fair, and merciful yet feminine at the same time.

We went on a trip to local party city and costume stores to find one gorgeous Greek Goddess costume. I happily brought one home but I was very disappointed on the sheerness of the dress and very unflattering fit and I had paid whooping $70 for the same.

Greek goddess is one of the easiest look to put together and carry effortlessly.

halloween greek goddess diy costume

All you need for this costume is a plain white dress and lot of golden accessories. My closet is full of accessories and if you love accessories then you sure have some golden bling.

I looked deep into my closet and found a white dress that I have never worn before and created this look. You can too!

I just used a basic white dress from my closet and used a dupatta(stole/wrap) from my Indian dress. This dupatta had a golden lace border. You can use a simple golden lace to create this look.

If I had more time to put this look together then this what I wanted to order

White dress:

Perfect Greek Goddess Dress/ Complete Look

Dress Option 2

Dress Option 3

Golden lace:

Golden Lace Option 1

Golden Lace Option 2

Now to add to the glamour I needed a head accessory. I just used a golden necklace and used some pins to adjust the same.

royal head piece jwellery greek goddess

Close up of the Head Piece!

royal head piece jwellery greek goddess

Ricky donned look of a Don! Again very easily put together – he accessorized his jeans, funky shirt and sport coat with a hat, mustache and a cigar.

Easy men Halloween costume greek goddess

My gorgeous sister is in her sexy devil’s angel costume. She accessorized nicely black fitted dress with black wings!

Easy men Halloween costume don devil's angel

Easy men Halloween costume greek goddess

Our Halloween was great fun and ended next afternoon after having delicious lunch and X-Box competition between two kids in our family {Ricky & Naina(my sister)}

How was your Halloween? Got a post on your blog? Leave me a link!


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