I remember growing up to the luxury of having custom made clothes all my teenage years. I was always that kid that selected her own clothes and knew exactly what she wanted. Once I entered my teens, I wanted to replicate every dress worn by Bollywood stars in their movies. I still remember this one dress that I wanted to look as-is and drove the Masterji (respectful way of addressing senior Tailors in India) nuts but I got it made the WAY I wanted it! I was a stubborn teenager and he was a master of his work! We were a deadly combination!

Growing up in India, getting your clothes custom made was not considered a luxury and you could get a beautiful everyday dress stitched for $20 including fabric. India today has gotten expensive too and you are expected to spend anywhere from $35 (very basic everyday outfit) to $100 (high quality fabric and cuts) for a custom outfit.

Custom tailored outfits are still the way for most women in India and it is considered a necessity and not a luxury. Many women will try to find deals on fabric but want the best when it comes to their tailors even in today’s India.

So Imagine my Joy on collaborating with Suuchi and getting this dress custom made specially for me!

Trouble In Paradise

Ever wanted a dress that looked a certain way but thought it won’t do justice to your body type? Can’t seem to find clothes because your local department stores either do not cater to plus size women or carry really baggy ugly clothes in your size?

How many times have we liked a style but walked away from it because it is not cut out for our individual body..? Many! Being a curvy women is not easy.

If you have read my last few posts you do know that I am becoming more about quality then quantity when it comes to clothes.  Having said that, my latest collaboration with Suuchi has me smiling ear to ear. Keep reading for all the fun details!

Online Shopping 

While you do get more options and amazing prints and quality by shopping online, as small businesses try to make their name. It is very important to read all the fine prints, reviews, return policy and work with the businesses that are more about customer satisfaction than just making a sale.

My Collaboration with Suuchi!

I have been in talk with Suuchi team since December 2015 and I could not be more thrilled to be a part of the team that Suuchi is built with so much love! What is not to love about Suuchi. She is not making me miss my Masterji anymore :-). The dress came out perfect and had an unbelievable fit. It truly was made for me and me only!

suuchi custom wrap dress  DSC_0196

Suuchi comes from a similar background as me and as some of my readers that grew up on custom clothes. Her  most hypnotizing, joyful moments as a teenager played out in the fabric markets and in the tailor shops or watching her grandmother sew at lightning speed and precision.

She is Breathless. Ambitious. Hungry & Proud…..sounds so me!


There is no going back once you get hooked to custom quality and cuts that fit you like a glove. Suuchi’s each creation is MADE IN USA and delivered to your doorstep in 5 days! There fabric quality is very high end and this wrap dress by Suuchi made for a perfect career wear for me! Go check them out – Suuchi Website

Want to give them a try and yet score a deal? 

  1. Go checkout Suuchi Website
  2. Like Suuchi FB Page to get all latest updates on sales.
  3. Shhh…once a week Suuchi has one of their outfits heavily discounted and advertises it on Facebook. Last few weeks I have seen some of there dresses go as low as $30 a piece + free shipping.
  4. As Suchi leaders/ambassadors we are talking fashion day in and out with Suuchi. Have a suggestion? please drop us a comment!

I am so excited to begin my journey with Suuchi as a Suuchi ambassador and I am thrilled for all the excitement we are going to cause in 2016! Suuchi is  debuting her spring line soon. Stay Tuned!

Much Love


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    1. Absolutely Eva, They have amazing fabric choices to choose from and prices are very affordable for custom cuts! Do check them out!

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