Maxi Dresses
(Most Body Types. Especially Taller Women)
I love maxi dresses and I have ton of them in my closet. They are a perfect summer outfit. Maxi dresses suite most body type and can be very flattering yet fuss free at the same time. It’s really hard to find a Maxi dress for a petite woman like myself but the key is to stick to smaller prints. Smaller prints or simpler prints will definitely suit your body type.
Maxi dresses are especially good for women who have a boyish figure or long torso as it gives a very feminine curves if chosen smartly.



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Wrap Dresses
(Pear Shaped Body Types. Waist Minimizer)
They are not only perfect for Pear shaped body but can do really well for minimizing the waist line and adding some attention to the bust. They are very good for accentuate the proportions of your body and provides a good balance.


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Mini Dresses
(Very Flattering on Petite Women)
We all love mini dresses but they are especially great for petite women. Mini dresses can accentuate your legs and make them look longer, while giving you a leaner look. If you want to accentuate your legs more, then go for a pair of nude heels or wedges. A mini dress also doesn’t look as mini on a shorter women.

Mini Dress

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Tunic Dresses
(Very Flattering on Petite Women)
They work very similar to Mini Dresses and work perfect for all body types. Making they very appealing to shorter women as well. I love that they can be dual purpose and can be worn year round. Just thrown on a pair of cardigan and leggings for cooler days.


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Shirt Dresses
(Perfect for Hourglass Figure)
In spite of all the buzz around shirt dresses they are not my go to. They are made for the perfect hourglass body type. This dress is not very forgiving as it doesn’t offer a lot of camouflage but they can look very stunning if you have a perfect figure and confidence to carry them.

Shirt Dress

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A-line dresses
(All Body Types)
My all-time favorite. The A line dress style is probably the “classic of the classics” in terms of women’s fashion. I absolutely love A-line dresses. They work for all body types as this style transforms your curves into a symmetrical line, hiding the lower, often problematic hips and bottom while drawing attention up toward the torso. This works very well for petite women as well. They look very sleek, elegant and feminine.


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