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Denims and Dresses is a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on Beauty & Fashion.

If you love fashion, makeup and life then you have come to the right place, baby!

This is a Lifestyle Blog where I love to share my world. I love make-up, fashion, accessories and all things girly. Like every girl I love to shop and take care of myself so expect everything from reviews, favorite products, wish lists & outfit posts to my view about the world.

It doesn’t matter to me if you’re a drugstore or a hi-end brand lover. We will be talking loud and proud about everything important to a girl here.

Come on, ease out, grab a tea or coffee get comfortable in your seat and let’s have some fun.

About Me

My name is Riya and I was born, bred, and raised in a very happening city of India, Mumbai. I have traveled to a lot of countries and cities within US, Europe, Mexico, Canada & India. I have been living in Seattle, WA from past 12 years and I work for a fun technology company.

Why Blog?

I have always been a fan of reading lifestyle blogs and feeling that connection with other women around the globe and it’s definitely crossed my mind few times to start my very own but I just never took that plunge until I had an opportunity to write a guest post for a friend Monika (My Guest Post). Special Thanks to her! I loved writing this post for her and realized that I needed to keep this going. This is how Denims and Dresses were born!

I created Denims & Dresses in May 2015 as a way to develop and explore my own personal style, make some amazing long lasting relationships and document my life with people I love. This would not have been possible without an unconditional support from Ricky(DH)- everything from helping setup this site to encouraging me to do this.

I have a feeling that this will prove to be one of the best decisions I ever made in my life!

As I sit to type this About me page – I am filled with nothing but sheer excitement as it’s already become a huge part of my life!

Behind the Scene

My DH & I love life and believe in living every moment of it together forming some great memories. It’s hard to believe we have been together for 10+ years now. Our love story is a story right out of any Bollywood movie – more on that later…  :)

Some days I just want to be a homebody dressed in my PJ’s and watch endless TV, cook and spend time with my husband.

And then there are days, when I am out and about all of Seattle with our amazing group of friends. We all love nothing more than a delicious meal and some lip smacking cocktails.

Goals for Denims and Dresses

Be your virtual friend and try to create a comfortable and relaxing space for all my readers, and help make the amazing world of beauty(inner & outer) and fashion accessible and affordable.

My main goal is to break all the stereotypes and to get you in touch with your true self. Beauty is something that comes from within. Smile on your lips, the sparkle in your eyes, and the love in your heart is what makes you beautiful. We all have insecurities and need to find just that ONE feature that we love and enhance it – then just sit back and watch it works like a statement piece demanding all the attention.

Beauty & Fashion is unique to each one of us, but being unique and affordable is what sets Denims and Dresses apart.

If you loved getting to know me or are passionate about similar things then lets connect. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I love chatting with new people!



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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I loved ur blog….Best wishes on ur new journey..Riya hope to read many many awesome posts from u

    1. Hi Ruchi, Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed reading my Blog! Thank you for all the love!!

    1. Hi Ananya! Feeling is very mutual! I was just reading your post!I am quite sure we ran into each other at last DJ prashant white cruise party last year!

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