29 Fun Facts About Me

29 Fun & Embarrassing Facts About Me:

  1. My style statement is comfortable yet chic. I like everything fuss free.
  2. Beauty for me simply means – Be yourself. You don’t need acceptance of others. You just need your own acceptance.
  3. My favorite accessories are statement necklaces, earrings and big chunky Rings.
  4. I need laptop on my lap to be able to watch anything on TV. I need to be doing lot of things at the same time.
  5. I love board games and I can get very… very competitive.
  6. Something many people don’t know about me: I still love anything and everything Cinderella…this is embarrassing to admit but very true.
  7. Any home can be a castle when king & queen are in love – I live in a Castle.
  8. My worst household chore is folding laundry.
  9. My favorite food items: Desserts – Hot Brownie topped with vanilla & Cheesecake. Cuisine – Chinese & Mexican.
  10. My favorite drink is Long Island Ice tea. Yeah, I am exactly that girl that orders Long Island every time…just can’t help my love for this drink.
  11. My favorite book is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. It covers everything from humor, culture differences to terrorism. I was first introduced to this book by a coworker who wanted to know my thought on how well the author introduced India and the struggles. I couldn’t have agreed more with the writer. A must read for everyone!
  12. My weakness is chocolates. I love milk chocolates. Send me a box and I’ll be your friend forever :)
  13. I don’t drink any hot beverages it has to be iced even when its freezing cold outside.
  14. I have a strange obsession with the whole Kardashian clan & Keeping up with the Kardashian. And I also can’t believe I just put that on the internet.
  15. I am scared of Insects. Every size and type. Anything that crawls or flies.
  16. I’m kind of embarrassed that I’m sharing some of these things, now that I think about it…oh well that’s what getting out of comfort zone means right? …Right? I hope so.
  17. I’d like to design my own vanity room one day and it will be super girly.
  18. I was may be 5 years old when I met my husband at someone’s wedding in India for the first time……..then we met again 15 years later in Canada……… :).
  19. I’m a sucker for horror movies. Even the bad ones.
  20. How do I handle inappropriate people in my life? Well …Mess with me? I will let Karma do its job. Mess with my family? I become Karma.
  21. Denims are my favorite thing to wear and I find them chic too.
  22. I like nude lips…aka I don’t wear lipstick often.
  23. I am really a romantic at heart. I have no intention of letting this spark die before I die.
  24. I can’t catch, if you throw something to me, 99.99% of the time it will land at my feet.
  25. I am quite easily pleased and very happy and satisfied with small things in life. I don’t need much to be happy.
  26. My husband thinks I  do not spend enough on myself. Please tell him it is a good thing.I am all about women power and equality but have problem when we want to cash in on being women hence needing extra benefits. We switch from being traditional women to modern new age women when we talk about rights (we want equal rights without fulfilling equal set of responsibilities).
  27. I am a very positive person and I make an extra effort to make sure I am surrounded by positive and non-judgmental people.
  28. Last, but not least. I think I am getting obsessed with this blog. I hope I don’t cheat on my husband with this blog……lol
  29. My girlfriends took me to Thunder Down Under in Vegas and I was extremely embarrassed by all the attention initially but totally enjoyed myself later on…shhh
  30. Every time I go to a wedding all I can think of is “they’re going to have sex tonight”.

These are 30 facts for 30 B’days I have had! I will continue to add one on every birthday!

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