I was sitting on my bed tonight wondering what my next post should be. I knew that it had to be something meaningful. Something different then the girly stuff I like to write about. This Blog is still a new born baby and I want this to be reflection of who I am as a person. Like any human being I get affected about things around me – good, bad, fun…all of them. It stays with me for a really long time. I am not perfect but I like to take good from every situation and leave the not so good part out. Like we do with chocolates :) . We eat the chocolate but leave the wrapper out…silly example but you get the point, right?

So today one of my co-sister inlaw shared a very beautiful text to our family Whatsapp group and it’s been on my mind since morning. I would love to share that with you all.

One beautiful morning, 8 boys were standing on a race track and were smiling ear to ear.


The boys start running after the gun shot is fired in the air.

Hardly had they covered 20 to 25 steps, 1 boy tripped and fell hurting his knee and started crying in pain.

When other 7 boys noticed they stopped running and stopped in their tracks for few seconds.

They turned back and ran towards him instead of the finish line.

All the 7 boys lifted him up, wiped his tears, joined hands and started walking at his pace towards the finish line. They were still smiling ear to ear when they reached the finish line together. All of them were the winners that morning.

This left the judges shocked and the stadium crowd in awe. Eyes were filled with tears and the stadium was thundering with the sounds of applauds.

This is not just a story. This race was conducted by National Institute of Mental Health in Pune, India few years back.

All of these participants were mentally unstable.

These kids that we look at with pity are so much more intelligent than us as they are teaching us what we are losing every day. We are loosing humanity, empathy and love in this world.

We have brain…we have attitudes….we have ego and we only care about us moving ahead leaving everyone else behind.

They have a weaker brain …..they have humanity……they have kind souls and they believe in uplifting one another.

Be kind. Spread Kindness. I sure will. Will you?

Love Riya

2 thoughts on “Have we stopped being humans because we have a normal functioning brain?

  1. well i read such story in my school, when i was in 2nd or 3rd standard.
    and yes, this is true, we all brainies dont have a heart to beat for, it is just pumpimg bloods.
    and may be those kids came back to help the other one, because no-one has told them that, life is a race, if u didnt ran or fall off, people will run over you. Yeah coz they were not supposed to run in race of life, but these kids really gave us a lesson.

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