Do you ever feel that life is just flying by and everyone wants a piece of you? You need more and more time with your loved ones, away from the day to day grueling of everyday life?

Well I do – so from time to time I fake complain to Ricky(DH) that I feel ignored and he has no time for me…In all honesty, this is far from truth :). Let’s just say that I am greedy for more and more time as I value the 1:1 time we have before we jump on the family wagon…aka plan to extend our family.

If you are a wife – You know the power of this line when it is said with a slight pout..ahem ahem..

If you are a husband – come on dude, you like the attention sometimes….u do…stop pretending……ok ok….I already said sometimes!

Taking breaks often from everyday life and doing something together as a couple can be one of the best things you can do to your relationship. We all get worked up in day to day life and become irritated…remember the last time you snapped at you partner for no reason and felt extremely guilty right away or what about a time when you both argued over a silly thing?

This whole stress of trying to be a super women or a super man can get to us some times. It shocks me when I hear couples say that they have no time for anything. They are busy Mon – Fri with their respective jobs and weekend is all about household chores, kids etc.

I highly recommend every couple to spend some “Us” time. Anything that excites you as a couple and is about you two ONLY. It could be something as simple as reading a book together before bed or a common hobby. Our happens to be travelling! We both love to travel and try getting away as much as possible.

Anyways, this triggered a discussion in my household few weeks back that we needed to take a vacation…a long one…like 2 or3 weeks. Mind you we just took a similar kind in March this year….shhhh but Ricky doesn’t remember that :).  So we discussed and decided that we wanted to go to Europe again.

Our last trip to Europe was 2 years back and we went to lot of fun places like Rhine Valley in Germany, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Venice, Cinque Terra and Switzerland.

We wanted to do something different in Europe this year and decided on Munich(Germany), Barcelona, Seville, Madrid(Spain), Naples, Amalfi Coast(Italy), Athens and Santorini Island in (Greece)!

Biggest challenge we had was that weather was starting to get sketchier in Italy and Ricky had a big product release (work commitment) in 5 weeks. So we had to fly out ASAP if we wanted to make it work this year. We started looking at tickets and everything was super expensive if we wanted to fly out in less than 2 weeks ….Yes you read that correct TWO WEEK from initial discussion to flying out. It is probably safe to say that it is the most outrageous thing we have ever done as a couple. People take over a year to plan something similar.

We took 3 months last time to plan our first trip but this time we just had 2 weeks. We worked on bookings/reservations and research every evening and stayed up till 3-4am in the morning every night till the very end. Clearly we had under estimated the amount of work and planning that was needed.

To save on insanely expensive Flight tickets we decided to fly into Frankfurt, Germany. This was the best decision we made as tickets were not only more affordable but they had Oktoberfest going on! We knew right away that we could not leave Germany without attending Oktoberfest in Munich!

Stay tuned and join me in reliving the memory from our recent trip. Will share it as a multiple part post starting from this evening! Stay Tuned!

ps – There is a beautiful experience behind the display picture on top with colorful threads on our hands. This happened on the trip! More to come on this, as we progress.



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